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Making an Entrance.

December 3, 2010

Welcome to a new blog from an old priest.

Well, that’s a lie, I’ve only been playing since TBC, but it sounded like a good start.

I’m Shadanzi, and I’m a priest (no not IRL but still.) After seeing the wonderful world of blogs about the priesthood (still not talking about IRL here guys) I thought I’d make my own to give my own two pence on the matter. I will probably get side tracked sometimes and talk about Blood DKs (yay blood-bubble!) or maybe other healing specs (Damn you paladins with your wanna be divine aegis mastery!) but most of the time, I’ll talk about the wonderful world of Priests.

With Wrath coming to a close, and the dawn of cata incoming with all its flames and mana problems, I’m here to offer you Enlightenment and Spiritual Healing about playing a priest! If you play a priest and didn’t get that oh-so-witty pun, then you fail. Hard.

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