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4.0.3 and Priests.

December 4, 2010

While I’m sure a lot of what I’m about to say will become redundant I thought I’d talk briefly about Priests in patch 4.0.3.

Since the talent overhaul in 4.0.1 and all the changes and updates for 4.0.3 I feel healing as a Priest has been slowly  getting better. And better. And better.

I’ll admit we had a shaky start. Discipline was weak on… well… Discipline was weak. The single target heals weren’t big enough to deal with spike damage and group healing was quite challenging without some heavy spamming. However with the recent changes to Divine Aegis, Grace, and Prayer of Healing I am once again proud to be main spec Discipline. With the changes to HoT and DoT mechanics to benefit from crit and haste innately, Renew is my new fourth favourite spell (after PW:S, Penance, and PoH (hey I’m a Priest I like P’s)). I get to blanket people with it and it goes PEWPEWCRIT and procs Divine Aegis’s left right and centre. What can I say I love a good shiny bubble.

Holy right after patch 4.0.1 excited me. Chakra made me smile with glee. I respecced to Holy to give it ago. 10 minutes later, having realised Heal should be renamed Fail, and spamming renew was more boring and less shiny than BubbleSpam, I was hating on Chakra. Then 4.0.3 came along and wow, well done Blizzard! I can pop Chakra: Serenity and pewpew with the big crit heals. I finally felt that I could properly heal a tank as holy instead of just relying on big fast casts. Then if I need I can pop Chakra: Sanctuary and start blasting out some serious aoe healing. AoE as holy has always felt strong, but now it just feels so much smoother. Some people dont seem to like the combining of the renew chakra and the PoH one, but I think it was a massive buff. Putting the cooldown of Chakra to 30 seconds was also a good move by Blizzard, I no longer spec State of Mind since I can refresh Chakra as it runs out.

As for Shadow, well I’ve always loved Shadow. I love melting faces and my screen filling up with yellow numbers as my DoTs kill people. I love running round BGs spamming them then hiding and watching people die. Post-4.0.1 I loved it even more. I had no mana issues and a pewpew Shadowfiend who did silly damage. Mastery ruined my life. I love mastery, it’s shiny and new but it was awful. Then they updated it to buff DoTs. Oh. My. God. It may not be the best idea to reforge mastery as a shadowpriest, but it’s a fun idea. When I have to move, I don’t mind, I have big DoTs. You know what else? It made spamming DoTs in BGs even more fun, +20% DoT damage leads to lots of deaths. Sometimes mine, but it’s a worthy sacrifice knowing I took 4 of them with me.

Overall, going into cata I feel priests are in a good position. Our class has flavour and it has style. Our bubbles are ever shinier, our chakras are ever more glowy, and shadow orbs finally look like more than purple shaman shields. Deathwing can eat my bubbles.

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