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Priest Levelling in Cata.

December 6, 2010

So I’m starting to get excited now. In under 8 hours I will be hitting the ground running in Hyjal. I’m respeccing both of my talent specs to prepare for levelling. Shadow will be the main one I use but Disc is there to heal dungeons if/when I fancy doing them. My levelling specs pick up a lot of talents I normally skip for raiding but will probably be very useful levelling.

Right off at 80 I’ll be starting with this shadow spec, and filling it out to this spec by 85. Then I’ll respec it into a pvp build (whatever that will be in cata) as I won’t be dpsing dungeons/heroics.

As for Discipline I’ll be starting at 80 with this spec, and filling it out to this spec by 85. Then I will respec to a dungeon/heroic healing oriented build, emphasizing PoH and Renew, probably something quite like the spec I’ll finish with at 85. I normally skip the cooldowns and SoS (Strength of Soul) because I don’t use them/hate Heal. This may well change at 85. Another consideration is changing a Prime Glyph (Likely Penance) to Glyph of Renew depending on how the content goes.

I’m going to log my priest out in Death’s Rise and fly swiftly to Ebon Hold, teleport to AT grounds, fly to the Skybreaker (all for the sake of my 25 dailies hand ins), then Hearth to the Trade district in SW. From here I’ll be going to the Recruitment Board, by the flight trainer and to the moonglade teleport, to get the drake to Hyjal! I have 7 stacks of the new food and water, a stack of mana/health/haste/crit potions, flasks and bandages all ready to go. Hyjal here I come! A lot of people are talking about levelling up in the new Blackrock Instance until 82. I’m as of yet undecided on this as it would be slow with a failpugtank, we shall see (my fingers are crossed a guild tank is on to run it with me (gief gear!)).

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