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The Brave New World.

December 9, 2010

So I’m now a level 85 priest.  I have mostly blues, and many are ilevel 333 so I’m not far off the heroic ilevel requirement. However, healing is a challenge. I mean I did normal Stonecore just as I hit 85 and oh? what’s this? I have to heal? UGH. You have to push a lot of buttons. In fact, trash is harder than bosses. I never went oom on a boss (well okay I have once but the dps were failing). Yeah that’s right, the dps can fail! Theres lots of bad things to avoid in cataclysm. Theres jumping and moving to do, and not just out of fire! It’s exciting but sometimes happens at bad times when I need to be popping cooldowns. I’m going to get some better gear ASAP. I think everything will be okay by the time I have epics. And then we will start raiding and all die. Yay us?

What I will say is that levelling was fun. The quests are good and theres a lot of epic cutscenes. I skipped Vash cos I was addicted to Hyjal, it was worth it. The use of extensive phasing by blizzard is really quite impressive. Makes it hard to help people out but it looks pretty :D Also: I have killed LOTS of dragons already. This made me happy.

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