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Chakra and Holy Priests in Cata.

December 10, 2010

I thought it was about time, having successfully healed all the normal mode dungeons in cata, and looking to starting heroics soon, to talk about the new face of healing in cataclysm. I switched to holy, to try out the mechanics and I love it. I’m going to talk about a few key talents and their uses in cataclysm, focusing a lot on Chakra and Holy Word because, well, wow.

  • Renew Talents: Alone renew isn’t that great. However once it’s fully talented it’s a very powerful spell, and Chakra makes it even MORE useful.
  • Holy Concentration: It might not seem like much but the 20% extra MP5 in combat from spirit comes in handy, especially at the low gear levels we have right now. It makes spirit a lot more useful too. It almost makes me like spirit instead of resenting it… ALMOST.
  • Test of Faith: This become very potent in cataclysm. With glyphed Flash Heal, Chakra: Serenity and this Flash heal gets pretty huge. I let my dps get to 24% then Flash Heal them and they’ll be up at 70%+ straight away. It’s efficient because of the bonus healing and crit.
  • Body and Soul/Guardian Spirit: Situational, but wipe savers for sure. Body and Soul makes kiting easier and Guardian Spirit is just a life saver.
  • Last but not least, Chakra/Revelations/State of Mind: While you could easily skip State of Mind it’s quite useful. I mostly maintain Chakra: Serenity and use Holy Word on coolown (well I say on cooldown, I use it when the tank is sub 50% unless it’s an easy phase in which case I just use it on cooldown, it’s cheap and a moderate heal) I use Heal a lot, and I keep renew on the tank and anyone taking damage. Sometimes though, everything gets… messy. I don’t like it when it all gets messy. Chakra: Sanctuary is my friend. Blast off a PoM, CoH and renew on the tank and PoH until your comfortable. 30 seconds later you can go back to Serenity but Chakra: Sanctuary is VERY useful when things go badly. Or when people decide to play and dance in the bad stuff. Uch.

One thing you need to get good at is stance dancing. Inner Will most of the time for the mana reduction on Renew, Holy Words, CoH. But sometimes (like heavy aoe or tank dmg) whack on inner fire and blast out some bigger heals. It’s not ENTIRELY necessary but it sure helps.

Another thing you’re going to need to master is ignorance. Tanks and DPS seem to think we are in WotLK. Many are also blind. I get yelled at for not keeping someone up standing in bad stuff, or for not healing a tank through an aoe he should have run out of. I’ve also been yelled at for standing in bad stuff, or in the way of bad stuff, when I wasn’t but an add was chasing me and exploding. I was dpsing when that occured, it didn’t put me in a good mood. Healing in cata isn’t eay, but it’s much more manageable when people don’t fail and are constructive and helpful instead of yelling at the nice priest. There’s a good reason to; This nice priest will become an angry priest and leave/make deathwing look like a sissy. RAWR. Hell hath no wrath like a priest scorned.

But I will soldier on into heroics and spread my shiny goodness. And soon more tanks in my guild will hit 85 so that will be a nice help. I’m also secretly hoping there will be a hotfix making me heal just a little bit more sometime soon, I doubt it, but here’s to hoping!

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