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Divine Aegis and You: Discipline Priests in Cataclysm Normals.

December 10, 2010

I’m running out of titles to say the same things, so they might get odder. And odder. However, I realised that in my last post, even though I talked about useful talents, I didn’t really talk about how to heal. It was mentioned, but not properly discussed. So I’m going to talk about it now. All the specs, so you even know how to melt faces :) This post is about DISC and holy and shadow will follow later on.

Discipline right now is a tough world. Shields are very small because crit is low and mastery is low, rendering Divine Aegis’s rare and small, and Power Word: Shields are only about 5-10% of people’s hp (including the tank). Penance is lol-wtf-where-is-my-heal? but it can be okay in a pinch… just okay though. At the end of wrath, post 4.0.3, I LOVED my two weeks of imbaPoH. Yes it was overpowered, yes it was ridiculously big, yes the hot/shield/group heal made it like god mode on LK… but I still really enjoyed it. Now its an infrequent, very expensive, mediocre heal with a small shield and tickle of a HoT. I think gear will help a lot. More intellect, crit, spirit and mastery will make this spec work. Wether we will ever have quite enough to make it REALLY work I don’t know. It shouldn’t be over powered but it shouldn’t make me want to reroll.

So how to make it work? Well here goes:

  • Pre-shield the tank, go back to basics. When Shield drops PoM and renew. And basically chain cast Heal, PW:S-ing whenever you can (Strength of Soul is your friend)
  • If DPS take damage renew and PW:S them.
  • If theres sudden aoe, PW:S youself and cast PoH under Borrowed Time, then point heal with heal.
  • Should someone be getting low, shield and Greater Heal them, preferably under Inner Focus.
  • When healing the tank gets tough, and it will… a lot, then try and use the following priorities: PW:S, PoM, Renew, Heal >50%, Greater Heal then Penance 25-50%, Flash Heal then Penance <25%. That normally works, granted your mana will dissolve if you have to do it too much, but that normally means the tank need some better gear.

That covers most of the bases with discipline. The only other thing is the good old Atonement/Archangel debate. My advice would be to avoid it until you’re comfortable, THEN consider it. It can be nice because it will keep the tank up, and the +15% helps in aoe phases and tank heavy phases, but is by no means necessary. The mana is nice, but negligible, it costs more to smite x5 and pop AA than not to until we have a bigger mana pool. And that is, in essence, the basics of Discipline as I see them right now. It’s close to being a very nice spec, but the lack of crit, mastery and spellpower is punishing. I want to complain but… tough. This isn’t Kansas Northrend anymore.

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  1. December 13, 2010 6:40 pm

    I need to get better about using both Renew and Heal. And some of the other ‘flavor spells’ as I call them: Pain Suppression, Power Infusion, Shadowfiend, etc. I’m good about pre-shielding the tank and PoM’ing them and I’m ready to shield folks at a moments notice, but Heal is a spell I learned to ignore early in my Disco days not long ago because *everyone* said to ignore it, it was a useless spell. Then it became useful. It’s still in a more out of the way place on my action bars and I tried to fix it only to curse alot when I went to hit one spell and got a different one (yes, I’m a button pusher more than a keybinder). Do you think speccing to include Improved Renew would be good in the long run then?

    • December 13, 2010 7:04 pm

      Heal should be the button you push most, to a ridiculous mind-numbing extent. Especially on the tank because of Strength of Soul. I’ve always been a renew spec disco, well, ever since it could crit. I spec into imp renew, and once I have higher crit (20%ish) I will glyph it. It’s like raid shielding, and it can get pretty potent on AoE fights. Renew on your tank is your best friend (after Heal, Penance and PW: S ofc!)

  2. December 15, 2010 4:14 pm

    Ha, fixed my over-reliance on Flash Heal problem! I simply moved Heal to where Flash Heal was and FH to where Heal was! Heal was the spell that I kinda added in an awkward place on my action bars when it became suddenly useful again and I never really learned to incorporate it into my regularly used spells. But now Heal is in a prominent spot and I am used to hitting that particular button on instinct. Ha! I’m also trying to work in more renews, especially on the tank…it was a spell I never used a whole heck of a lot. Would I glyph it? Only if I specced into it and most Disco specs I’ve seen (at least in the past) didn’t have it. I think yours did. I may have to reorder my spec once I reach 85. I tried talenting Evangelism/Archangel, but not Atonement, and I’m not super in love with it. I just can’t get into the idea of DPS’ing to heal. Sparing the time to smite a mob so I can build up Evangelism stacks is hard. Now that I’m using Heal more, I should also think about putting points in Strength of Soul.

    I have oft found myself thinking the last few days “We’re not in Northrend any more” and it’s quite true. Though what makes me think that is mostly when tanks charge into mobs expecting instances to be just like Wrath ones and….they’re really not. At all. And then my mana, gobfuls of my ginourmous mana pool, disappear like dust in the wind. :(

    • December 15, 2010 5:14 pm

      I completely agree. Find a tank friend and cling to them. If they run toward another healer Leap of Faith them back to you (so much griefing with that spell – its brilliant). As for renew, only glyph and talent it when you have about 4.5% haste and 20% crit, so later tiers. Renew is nice as a Shield over Time (because it’s crits proc Divine Aegis) but it’s reliant on crit rating which we have little of at the moment. I currently have 8% crit (admittedly I whore mastery and have +21% healing from Echo of Light (WIN!)) but I’m sure in later tiers renew will become the shielding monster it used to be! I’ll be honest, I love the IDEA of AA/Eva/Ato but in practice it’s shockingly awful. The mana gain isn’t going to be worthwhile until we have a larger mana pool, and the healing buff is unnecessary (thank god we arent balanced around it). I would spec out of it and put the three points somwhere else :)

      • December 15, 2010 6:29 pm

        Ahh, Mastery. I’m still unsure what to think of it, but it seems pretty keen. I keep trying to get more, but not lose other stats and it’s hard. Alot of gear I come across has no spirit and I like my spirit, by golly. So I reforge off Mastery to get spirit usually. 4.5% haste you say? I have 8.22% (just looked)..I can not for the life of me find a definitive answer as to what’s a good-ish range for haste. Hrmm, maybe some of that haste can come off and become mastery, or spirit. Hmmm. I have 10.36 Mastery and 10.04 Crit…course, this is all in the shadow set and spec I logged out in. Bleh.

        Once I get to 85 (almost there!), I am going to reorder my spec to be more raid/heroic friendly (and also to take out the Evangelism/Archangel stuff). I’ll take a look at my glyphs again as well.

      • December 15, 2010 8:10 pm

        haste at 4.5% means you get an extra renew tick with raid buffs (5% and 3%) which makes renew a lot more efficient. Haste in cataclysm (for healers!) is really bleh. The idea of the new healing system is triage, so you shouldn’t NEED lots of haste to get a fast heal in before someone dies. I have 4.8% and never once have thought *DAMN YOU I need faster heals*. I have thought, *DAMN YOU I need bigger heals* so for Holy mastery>haste. For Disc haste seems even more bleh because of Borrowed Time. I’d get 4-8% and then focus on crit and mastery. At 85 youll find a LOT more spirit gear, so that will stack up naturally, intellect is nicer for disc for more mana from rapture. I like mastery for disc because it make shields bigger, but it’s not as good as crit IMO. I have no idea what the stat priority is SUPPOSED to be for disc, but I always ignore it and do my own thing. In WotLK loads of people were like GET MOAR HATE NOWHS! and I stacked crit and outshielded/mitigated all the haste stacking disco priests. I think you should decide if you want a very strong mitigator or a very strong point healer/shielder. Mitigators are AMAZING in raids (by engame wotlk doing ICC10hcs I was reducing raid damage by up to 40% which is pretty insane) but point healers are stronger for heroics. I’m staying holy for the time being because I’m massively addicted to Echoes of Light. I can push out 20-30k HPS AoE throughput with ease. It depends if youre a progression raider too – I heal with a paladin and shammy or two shammys who can FAR outheal me single target but who can’t begin to beat me for AoE and raid healing (I fail at tank healing at disc and raid heal with it, go figure) Priests are personal I guess :) Whatever you do you will do well :D

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