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Problems with Priests in Cata.

December 10, 2010

NOTE: Healing guides for Disc and Holy,

Now, I could put lots of Q’s and leave it at that, but I’m not here to whine and complain and blah. Priest healing is weak, I really enjoy the challenge though. My issue isn’t the backwards scaling or the horrible efficiency, it’s the comparative ability of the healing classes. Holy paladins are running around spamming LoD (yes it’s glitching so it’s spammable apparently). Druids seem to be suffering, but some seem to be fine and throwing big leaves around. Shaman’s I’m not sure about. Basically I’d like to be comparable to them, at the moment priests seem the weakest.

Otherwise I’m going to be a shadowpriest for a whole expansion and yuck. I like love healing. I love priesting around with my sparkles and bubbles and general brightness.

I can play disc. I know that much. i just respecced to holy because it seems nicer to lesser gear levels. It is, it’s still weak though. I mean I can manage normals now. Heroics? HAHA GOODJOKE. I hope it gets fixed, I really do. I don’t think I have L2P issues. I do 3% overhealing, use mana cooldowns, use heal LOADS, maintain renew on the tank with Chakra: Serenity, and use Holy Word: Serenity in a pinch. I’m a good priest, so make me look like one please Blizzard. Thanks in advance.


Shadanzi, a disheartened priest.

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