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Chasing Chakra: Holy Priests in Cataclysm.

December 11, 2010

So I’ve been a disc priest for a while, but I have, many times, gazed at holy wishing I had triple spec. Alas, I re-specced to Holy from Disc at 85. Why? Well holy is kind to my low gear levels. It makes spirit more pewpew and it give me bigger heals. It also gives me Chakra. Man, I LOVE Chakra. It makes me good at what I need to be good at. Either I get crit and an instant heal for a decent amount and +25% crit on my target OR I get big AoE’s and HoT’s. Both of these become very situationally useful in cataclysm. However, there ARE downsides to holy. It’s slow for one thing. I would like a bit more haste to make it flow better. I spec into Darkness and that’s a big help, but not enough, not yet. I would like Chakra: Serenity to reduce the cast time of Heal. I think that would be nice and make holy priests feel a little less clunky.

On to using Holy in Dungeons:

  • Before the pull put PoM and renew on the tank. Drink for a second (Mage cakes ftw) and the hit Chakra. If you know the boss fight, chances are you know if you need to be in Chakra: Serenity or Chakra:Sanctuary. Almost every time you’re going to want Serenity. The instant, cheap, big heal is nice, and the buff for 25% crit is a real life saver sometimes on the tank. Occasionally half way through you may need to switch to sanctuary, but it’s often unnecessary, though useful.
  • If DPS take damage, throw renew on them and point out theres a lightwell for them to use. If they don’t use it then watch them die. If they do, pop them a Heal to refresh Renew as a reward, unless theyre full ofc.
  • If you take damage renew yourself, click your lightwell, and if needs be, Binding Heal. I LOVE Binding Heal. It procs serenity too, which makes for some fast and cheap PoHs/GHs
  • If there is heavy AoE, then FH the lowest target, BH the tank, cast PoH under 2x Serendipity and CoH. If that’s no enough, rinse and repeat or consider changing to Sanctuary. People stand in bright light most of the time… even if it is fire.
  • If someone gets dangerously low, Flash Heal. The 12% healing buff from Test of Faith means it isn’t the waste of mana you might think. If the Tank gets dagerously low, then HW: Serenity and the FH them. PoM and Renew should be on them/on CD already.
  • And remember Guardian Spirit. If the tanks about to die, use it.
  • Should everything go wrong hit Chakra if it’s off CD and PoM the tank then hit Divine Hymn. If Chakra is on CD then push Divine Hymn anyway. It’s like god mode.

And that is the basics of Holy. There are nuances and clever switchings of stance (Chakra and Inner Will/Fire) unmentioned because they are very situational. Use Inner Will until you have the mental haste (IRL and GCD wise) to switch to Inner Fire for your PoH’s, GH’s and Heals. Remember Shadowfiend and Hymn of Hope. Beyond that good luck and get good trinkets. I find +Int with a Spirit proc far better than +Spirit with a random proc. Every piece of gear should be spirit gear. If you get a good drop without spirit, then reforge it. Spirit gear is easier to reforge to other stats when you have enough spirit than the other way round, and right now, you want LOADS of spirit. I love holy for normals, but righ now with my 330 Item Level I don’t have a chance in most Heroics. I’m going to get better gear, but in the meantime I do think a small buff to priest’s would be more than welcome. We aren’t on an even playing field with some other healing classes, that’s not right.

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