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Embracing the Shadows: Shadow Priests in Cataclysm.

December 11, 2010

My OS has been shadow for as long as I can remember. I like the dark side of priests. I like melting faces. Shadow right now is in a bad state for mana management, but that’s just a gearing issue I feel. My damage is up there on bosses. It’s reasonable on trash. It’s nothing like a warlocks damage, but then again they’re warlocks, they burn things, I just melt them. Shadow has become a situational tree. We have straight off nuking rotations in MS-MS-MS-MB-SWD and we have our good old DoT cycle. Ramp up is at an all time high however, but we have mind spike for low hp mobs.

Making it work for you:

  • DoT the Skull (if the tank isn’t marking mark them yourself) then put SW:P and VT on the adds unless they are CC’s. MF the Skull and MB when you can, then recast your DoT’s on all targets.
  • Mind Sear<Dotting for AoE right now.
  • Spec into Paralysis. Some adds need kiting, some bosses have adds that need kiting. You can kite to an amazing extent with MS and MB with a bit lot of haste.
  • Use your shadowfiend and dispersion on cooldown. In fact, glyph dispersion. You will need it.
  • On a Boss, DoT and flay for 5 ticks. Continue flaying if you have no Shadow Orb procs. If you have shadow orbs, Mind blast and recast your DoTs under the buff. Pop Dark Archangel and flay until you need to mind blast again. Rinse and repeat, popping AA on CD after recasting and using your mana cooldowns when you can. I’m a herbalist, I pop lifebloom with AA. Use other haste/crit trinkets with it for some huge dmg.
  • You like crit. A LOT. It makes your shadowfiend cooldown MUCH faster with mind flay. Get lots. Now.

That’s the basics, beyond that… avoid the fire, the charges, dps down the enrage and the shields, pull the levers, push the buttons and dont get hit by Radiance. Yes. That’s right. You have to move and react and do things now as DPS. You can’t just burn things anymore. Oh, and for the love of Algalon, CLICK THE LIGHTWELL.

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