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Priest Healing in Cata.

December 13, 2010

So I’ve now healed a few heroics, and with decent DPS and tanks it wasn’t that bad at all. So I thought I’d post how I think about Healing right now, it’s more for Holy but I’ll talk Disc where I can:

For more in depth Guides on specific talents/spells in Normal (and Heroics really) – Holy (here) and Disc (here)

First of all, lets look at our targets;

  1. The TANK – The person taking the most damage (hopefully) is going to need the most healing. I see people spamming Heal, Nourish, Healing Wave, Holy Light on the Tank and wondering why he dies. The answer is throughput. As a Priest, Renew the tank as he pulls. Then Activate Chakra/cast Power Word: Shield and cast Heal on him. Use PoM on the tank on cooldown, as well as Holy Word: Serenity/Penance if the tank is at 70% or lower HP. Most of the time you WILL be using Heal. Sometimes the tank will get low. Flash Heal/Power Word:Shield (if he has weakened soul then Flash Heal) him, then cast a hasted Greater Heal (from Serendipity/Borrowed Time) then cast your cooldown (Holy Word: Serenity/Penance). Repeat if necessary. Sometimes I even FHFHGH as holy for huge, fast throughput. (It’s hard on mana but I’ve got about 3-4k mana regen in combat with procs up (and I always seem to have one proc up)).
  2. The HEALER (YOU) – You matter most after the tank. Some healers forget to heal themselves. It sounds elementary, but Binding Heal is your friend. Renew yourself and use Power Word: Shield, then pop a binding heal on someone else who’s low and get back to healing other people. It even procs serendipity for a quick PoH or GH.
  3. The DPS – They need to be alive to kill things. I’ve seen a lot of healers Heal (or equivalent) spam the tank and let DPS die from unavoidable, slow, aoe damage. It makes me sad. As Priests we are powerful and versatile multi-target healers. You can point heal in Chakra: Serenity with Heal and the odd Flash Heal/Greater Heal, use Binding Heal and Flash Heal to get quick, cheap PoH’s, just simply cast PoH a few times, spread renew and Shields around and use CoH, or even use Chakra: Sanctuary. You can heal the DPS. I don’t go oom from keeping everyone alive with a variety of spells, and because the DPS are up and DPSing things die faster, so I don’t have time to go oom.

So lets look at Priorities: (This list assumes you PoM the tank on CD, and maintain renew on the Tank.)

  1. Tank < 25% – Flash Heal/Power Word: Shield + Holy Word: Serentity/Penance + (Inner Focus) Greater Heal – If whole group is low use Divine Hymn/Prayer of Healing.
  2. Healer < 40% – Renew + Shield (sometimes as Holy too for running away form Bad) + Binding Heal (most likely on the Tank)
  3. Tank < 40% – Holy Word: Serenity/Penance + (Inner Focus) Greater Heal
  4. DPS < 40% – Renew + Binding Heal or Heal – If multiple party memebers are low (3+) then Prayer of Healing/CoH
  5. Tank < 60% – Holy Word: Serenity/Penance + Heal
  6. Dispel important Debuffs
  7. Healer < 80% – Renew + Binding Heal
  8. DPS < 80% – Renew – Point out there is a Lightwell
  9. Tank < 80% – Heal or Holy Word: Serenity/Penance if available for efficiencies sake
  10. Regenerate Mana! – If at any point you reach 25% mana use Shadowfiend UNLESS all group members have about 70+ % hp, then use Hymn of Hope.

I hope this helps! Another important issue is mana regen. Make sure 80+ % of your gear is Spirit Gear and reforge the other pieces to spirit. If you have too much spirit it’s easier to reforge down than hunt gear to get more. Get as much mastery/spirit gear as possible – mastery is amazing! I currently have an average of 3.5k combat regen with procs (Blood of Isiset, Tear of Blood, and Heartsong are VERY helpful) and about +21% healing as Holy. The +21% HoT is amazing, especially for DPS – and makes PoH pretty huge.

Good luck!

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  1. December 13, 2010 6:23 pm

    I love you. I mean, err….awesome blog! It’s quite helpful to me, since I’m leveling my disc priest right now vs my (main) holy pally. I’m just having so much fun with the priest and all the tools I have at my disposal, which I sometimes forget about, tbh. I haven’t read through all your posts yet, but I’ve glanced at a few and you have a style of explaining things that’s more understandable than the dry way places like EJ do. It’s like: “When this situation pops up, heal tank this way, do this thing, use this or that spell to do this thing and don’t forget about blah when spike damage happens” vs “Blah blah, number crunching, crazy spell abbreviations, theorycrafting blah, AoE damage blah blah, moar numbers and eeew, math….blah.”

    I’ve only done the first 2 Cata instances and I’m frankly scared to do anything but guild runs because PuG’s scare me on a normal day, but with Cata being so new and people still learning things, they REALLY scare me. Reforging some gear for spirit is sound advice. I’ve been passing up (green) gear at times that are upgrades in every way except I’d lose a huge chunk of spirit and it makes me a sad panda. Not much of the gear I’m coming across from quests/mobs have alot of spirit on them it seems. :(

    • December 13, 2010 6:40 pm

      Thank you very much it means a lot to know that you like it :) I could put all the numbers in but I don’t like them very much either haha. I’ll admit I mostly do guild runs but I don’t mind the odd PUG normal just to test my reflexes. I approve of picking priest of Holy Paladin, they have it too easy right now with mana :P Spirit is your BEST FRIEND. I sacrifice a bit on my ilevel 333 gear when i upgrade to epics, remeber you can reforge! Good luck with your priest :D

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