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Prayer of Hotfix – Answered.

December 16, 2010

December 15 – Priests (Source)

  • Blessed Resilience now increases healing received by 15/30%, up from 5/10%.
  • Focused Will now reduces damage taken by 5/10% and 10/20%, up from 4/8% and 6/12%.
  • Healing done by Glyph of Dispel Magic no longer improperly caps out at a certain health pool range.
  • Holy Concentration’s mana regeneration component has been increased from 10/20% to 20/40%.
  • Player-controlled vehicles return an Invalid Target error when attempting to use Leap of Faith on them.
  • Rapture’s mana regeneration component has been increased from 1.5/2/2.5 to 2/4/6%.

Oh Blizzard, you’re a little late, but I still love you for this. This is pretty huge for both specs. The Holy buff makes Spirit an impossibly good stat, and trinkets like Blood of Isiset will result in phenomenal mana gains. The Discipline buff is the opposite, making Intellect (and mana pool size) even more useful and gives over twice the mana return. I’ve stopped having any mana problems on normals now, and few in Heroics – only long fights. However this will make drinking between trash less necessary, and will mean I dont require the DPS to be QUITE as high as I can last a bit longer. Also, I tried a raid. Apart from it being a pug with green tanks and DPS my mana still felt very flammable, hopefully this buff will help that! Very pleased with the buffs overall, not sure how needed they were, but it will pacify a LOT of the people complaining. Buffing priests and nerfing Holydins (yes they got hit HARD but all my proadin friends dont care about so I’m going to ignore the people crying about it – I NEVER used ToR endgame WotLK, yes this is Cata, but HS is enough Holy Power for any non LoD spammer). LIFE IS GOOD.

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