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Raiding as a Holy Priest.

January 19, 2011

I’ve been slacking with posting, I admit. Why? Well, Nocturnus started raiding. We’re doing well, we’re 38th on the server or something like that. It’s not exceptional but it shows we’re getting the hang of what we’re doing. We don’t profess to be hardcore, though 2/12 is not small feat! We’ve killed Magmaw 10 and Omnomnomtron 10 so far, both of them were slow at the start and sped up quickly. This week we’re starting on Conclave and hopefully farming Magmaw so I can get my hands on the Crown of Burning Waters. I’ve also killed Argaloth 10 – Lol I almost said it like it was an achievement.

Enough prose, on to the content!

  1. Pit Lord Argaloth – The hardest part of this encounter is winning Tol Barad, after that it’s pretty much a Holy Priest’s dream fight. Use Inner Fire if your mana can handle. Chakra and PoM the tank to enter Chakra: Sanctuary, renewing it every 30 seconds. You DO NOT want to be in Chakra: Serenity as is usual, because this fight is built for PoH. Each Group will stand on different sides of the room and the tanks will swap aggro each time one group is AoEd. Precast PoH so it Heals moments after the AoE hits, CoH and PoH again. The only other two considerations are Mass Dispelling the debuff and switching to Inner Will and using renew in the Fel Firestorm phase that happens every so often. OH – don’t forget to cross your fingers for Priest loot!
  2. Magmaw – There’s not much to say here really. You’ll be using Heal, FH and GH a lot and you will be rolling renew, so Chakra: Serenity is your stance of choice. I did the WHOLE fight with Inner Fire up and was fine mana wise, though we had 3 priests (me included) and a Resto Shammy and 3 HoH’s and 2 MTT (with good timing) makes for comfortable mana situations. You’ll also want to bring a Potion of Concentration to use in the Head phases when healing is virtually unnecessary (only topping up from before hand). This fight is hard on DPS, they have a lot to do. Theres only one tank, who needs heavy healing frequently so make sure Holy Word is kept on cooldown. Other than that it’s an okay fight to heal :)
  3. Omnomnomtorn CouncilIt is a pain. I found it a huge pain. There’s a lot of movement and add-dodging and running-away-from-bad. Use Inner Will for the speed buff and cheap renews/CoHs on the fly. Don’t forget Body and Soul here, it’s unbelieveably useful. Theres also massive blue whirlpools that give you HUGE amounts of mana regen (I spammed Flash Heal/2xSerendiptiy GHs in one and gained mana overall). It’s a somewhat hectic fight, but they die quite fast once you get the hang of it. Just stay alert and run away from the stupid amount of nasty that’s thrown all over the place.

I will add more posts as we down more bosses and also talk about the changing rotations and spell usages I’m seeing as my gear improves. Good Luck and Happy Raiding!

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