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Shadanzi – Signing Off.

February 24, 2011

Well guys, it’s with great sadness I say goodbye to the wonderful world of wow. Many will wonder why and it’s all below in a post I put on the official forums.

“I’ve found the new dungeons, while challenging yes which makes them slightly more interesting, feel almost more grindy than wotlk. By the time you’ve done it twice, you’re still on autopilot, it’s just a slightly higher grade of autopilot. It’s not fun running the dungeons over and over again, because each time I realise just how pedantic this game has gotten.
It’s also very buggy. Conclave 10 man felt quite undertuned until we hit the bugs, 16 wipes at about 10% due to Rohash randomly turning 180* to blast people off the platform is quite ridiculous. Yes, I know how he works, he points and blast. Well, sometimes he points, blasts then turns instantly to the players.
Another thing I really don’t like is how pedantic team composition is. Even in heroics, without the right amount of CC and interrupts some bosses are impossible. CC and interrupts dont make it fun, they just become another part of a priority system. Maybe the first few times your like yay im interrupting again! But then your just an interrupt bot, big woop? And this is coming from someone who played an interrupter in high end PVP in GW for 3 years. It’s one thing shutting someone down, it’s another where interrupting the same spell every CD is mandatory.
My guild fell apart, because it was slightly casual. We raided 3 times a week and got 11/12 ICC10hc in wotlk. We grinded HC’s together and got raid gear, we killed a few cata raid bosses. Then we realised the time investment, and people stopped being as enthusiastic. I understand the need for the game to appeal to the hardcore, the ‘elite’. But there are some very, very good gamers out there I’m sure, who like a game they can plunge into head first and get straight into the action. I’ve not felt like im ‘in the action’ in wow in a very, very long time.
My favourite thing in games is when everything’s going wrong, everyone’s almost dead and it’s just plain bad. And then everyone pulls together and does amazing things and you save the wipe and keep going. There shouldn’t be a sense of futility unless you stand in exactly the right place and push exactly the right button. Wow feels futile, and a lot of the time it’s better to wipe than persist.
I’m not opposed to extreme time investments in a game but the time investment should be optional (like achieves etc) rather than being a mandatory step to getting to the interesting part of the game.
That’s just my feelngs about how it is at the moment, though I’m sure you’re all right statistics showing new subs are going up. Those ‘noobs’ are going to love the community I’m sure. And are new subs the really important ones? Yes, probably to a corporate engine. But shouldn’t the loyal gamers be important too, shouldn’t they be provided for? We’ll see.
I’m not quitting wow for another game, I’ve always played 2 or 3 MMO’s at a time. But my time on azeroth is done, so I’ll see you all playing Titan. Maybe some of you in GW2, Rift and SWTOR. It’s been fun, but I’m done now :)”

I’ve really enjoyed my time in Azeroth, but without a guild-home and much enthusiasm for cataclysm, I’m taking my healing arsenal somewhere else. I’ve gone back to my Guild Wars roots, back to the wonderful world where control and interrupts aren’t something you ask for, but something given freely. And I’m going to be trying Rift (HERESY!) but I really do like the game (I’ve played 3 betas and I’m just so excited for Headstart Today). In the 3 months I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve had almost 4000 viewers, so thank you. Thank you for reading and listening and thinking and trying to become better (informed) priests. I leave wow without a shadow of a doubt that Priests will forever exist as one of the most potent and versatile classes in the game. I will not be abandoning healing either, on the contrary I will be branching out to every style of healing and support Rift can offer me. Should you find yourselves in Telara, on Illusion, Cloudborne or Firesand (I’m undecided if I’ll PVP and RP yet) then look out for Shadanzi. He will most likely be a Cleric or a Mage as I’ve always preferred casters. And to any of you playing Guild Wars, while my semilegendary was deleted many years ago, my new Necromancer, Mistress Hellion, can be found mooching around filling up her HoM and running around soloing things that shouldn’t be soloed. I may this very night begin a new blog, about Telara and so on, but we shall see. I’m one step (round etc.) away form joining the Royal Navy (British Navy not American) so that would severely hinder my mmoing and blogging abilities. Should I be invited, I will turn my back on mmo’s with no regrets, IRL has to come first in the end. And wherever I am in the world, don’t worry, I will still be there as Servers go live for GW2, I promise.

So once again, thank you. Thank you for caring enough to google such wild things as ‘How to Holy’ and ending up here. Good luck in whatever endeavours you undertake, both in Azeroth and RL. I hope you can find a new source of Enlightenment and Spiritual Healing, though be careful when playing with Inner Fire and Shadow Orbs! I hope to see you in Telara, Kryta and the far flung lands that Titan is set in. Until then, farewell :)

Your faithful Guardian Spirit,


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  1. Kaïzer permalink
    May 5, 2011 12:43 am

    Oh man your guides were great! It’s sad your not going to do priest guides anymore. But i agree with you, Wow isn’t fun as it was anymore. My guild disbanded and i hate doing pugs. So ithink i will try Rift soon, so see you there =]

    • May 5, 2011 6:55 am

      Rift isn’t actually so great to be honest! I’ve gone back to my roots in Guild Wars! It’s strange I still get a lot of views even though I’ve stopped updating, I may have to put in a new post about the 4.2 set bonuses just for posteritys sake!

      So many of my old wow friends have left it behind now, mostly because of the disbanding/pug things. All I know is I won’t care when GW2 comes out :D

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