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I’m Shadanzi, no that’s not my real name, my real name is Tom.

I started playing wow about a month before WotLK came out. I levelled a hunter and a warlock to 40ish and was bored. An IRL mate got me into the game, his main was a shammy, told me to try healing. I picked a priest, it was the beginning of something magical. I remember the day I learnt PW:S (Power Word: Shield this time) it was so shiny and bubbly and wow I was set on being a priest.

Fast forward and I’m level 80, I’m discipline MS and shadow OS and I’m loving it. I’ve killed just about everything WotLK had to offer me… except LK10hc, DAMN YOU BANE. My guild is young, made up of friends from an old, sadly disbanded guild, although a lot of us raided together before in the old guild. We specialise in 10 man content. We raided in LK to get to know each other before cataclysm. We realised we were quite good at hitting stuff and got 11/12 down in ICC10 HC. It’s a pleasure to raid with them and it’s always a lot of fun.

Now, with Deathwing flapping around saying RAWR RAWR BURN! we’re excited to kill us some Dragons!

All is going well, my blues are slowly disintegrating to be replaced with beautiful shiny purple epics while I madly try to scrape together the gold to buy the last 3 Darkmoon Cards I need to make the Tsunami Trinket and become an unstoppable force of Holyness. Yes, I’m now a Holy Priest. Why? We have Shaman’s and another Disco so I thought what the hey and I love it. SO MUCH. I don’t miss bubble spec because now my bubbles are extra shiny and make me run VERY fast out of nasty. I’m progressing through raid content rather slowly compared to some, but I’m in a top 50 server guild that’s not really bothered about smashing bosses fast, more about enjoying it. Cataclysm was game changing for wow. I’ve not decided how much I like it, but you know what? I’m quite good at it. Oh, and I love killing Dragons (and Worms, Golems, Ascendants, Ogres, and generally nasty people).



All Images on this website are screenshots from WoW or MMO, or created using GIMP on a mac with brush downloads from AxeRaider70NoldoHawksmontBi-Extasy over at Deviant Art and from Obsidian Dawn.

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